Get certified in 11 training courses on FDI and investment promotion 

Select from 11 comprehensive courses for training and certification in FDI and investment promotion aimed at both investment promotion officers and senior managers and practioners

Enhance your FDI and investment promotion skills

Practical courses covering corporate location strategy, FDI definitions and trends,  investment promotion strategy, marketing, lead generation, aftercare and many other areas 

Certificate of Excellence in FDI & Investment Promotion (CEFDI)

Complete all 11 courses to received a Certificate of Excellence. Certificates are provided for each course completed and are updated to show all courses successfully passed

Training Courses

Pick and choose training courses at anytime. Pass the exam for all courses to receive a Certificate of Excellence in FDI and Investment Promotion (CEFDI)

Corporate Location Decision Making and Location Determinants

Understand corporate location decision making and the location determinants of greenfield FDI

Foreign Direct Investment Definitions and Trends

Understand "What is FDI?" and be able to understand and interpret FDI data and trends.

Investment Promotion Best Practice Techniques

Training on what is investment promotion, why does it work, what is the impact, and what are the latest and most innovative best practices

Investment Promotion Strategy Development

Training on how to develop an investment promotion strategy (IPS) with key focus on sector and market strategy and IPS methodologies

Marketing a Location

Training on best practices in websites, events, social media, media/publicity, and advertising with survey data on the most effective techniques

Value Proposition Development

Training on best practices in location and sector materials, investor proposals, investor outreach materials, and social media messaging 

Investor Targeting & Lead Generation

Training on best practices, intermediaries targeting, and how to do road shows, trade shows & investor meetings

Investment Facilitation & Enquiry Handling

Training on the fundamentals of how to handle investor enquiries and facilitate investment

Best Practices in Aftercare and Business Retention & Expansion (BRE)

Training on best practices in enquiry handling, account management, aftercare, and supply chain development

Best Practices in Incentives

Training on role of incentives in site selection, types of incentives, when to use incenitves and best practices in incentives policy

Sustainable Development and FDI

Training on sustainable development from government and investor perspectives and how to implement SDGs into investment promotion

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